Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Tucson Preview, Matt Glaeser Interview

Good Saturday morning, Andrew and Kyle here to preview tonight’s matchup vs Tucson. It’s been a relatively quiet week news-wise, likely a preferable change of pace for the club between two very busy weeks. Last week’s schedule included 3 games in 7 days, and starting today the process repeats (though this time around the 3rd game in this succession is a friendly vs the Badgers). Tucson tonight, Minnesota United in the Open Cup on Wednesday, and Badgers Saturday. We can expect to see some rotation and potentially some new faces in the side, as both Mélé and Alvin Jones have arrived and are working up to fitness.

In some personal news, Lisa and I (Andrew) are off to Belize on Sunday for 12 nights, so I’ll be taking in the MNUFC game on ESPN+, likely running through some sort of proxy service as I’m sure the ESPN video is region-locked. While I’m quite bummed I won’t be at Breese for the first time Madison hosts a top flight team in competitive play, I’ll be in Belize, sitting poolside with an ocean view, soaking up the sun and hopefully the occasional fruity cocktail. All that to say, there are worse trade-offs. Grant will be at the game and we’ll have a full report afterwards, including soundbites for our Patreon subscribers.

News Roundup

Charity Auction Proceeds

The biggest news from a club perspective is arguably the final tally from the proceeds of the match-worn Ukraine kit fundraiser auction. I (Andrew) ended up winning Nazeem Bartman’s shirt, while others would end up selling for upwards of $600 USD. In total the auction appears to have raised $5,828 for UNICEF Ukraine’s life-saving programs for children and their families, whose lives have been up-ended by the brutal, unprovoked aggression and violence from the Russian military.

MNUFC’s Heath on Squad vs FMFC

In footballing news, Minnesota United gaffer Adrian Heath indicated at MNFUC’s most recent presser that he plans to rotate his squad from the usual MLS starting XI when they play FMFC on Wednesday. The skeptic in me wants to assume this is head games from the Englishman, as no manager would actually forecast their lineup ahead of a competitive matchup. We asked Coach Glaeser in our interview what he made of Heath’s comments, and his answer was about as unperturbed as could be. The talk around this game has me extra bummed I won’t be at the game, but the beach is calling 🏖️.

Tucson Preview

FC Tucson was a surprise contender last season, starting the 2021 campaign slow, getting hot at the midpoint which catapulted them to the fourth seed, winning their first round playoff game against the Richmond Kickers before being eliminated by Union Omaha in the semi-final. So far this season, Tucson have had a mixed bag in their two games with a 0-4 loss on the road to Richmond in the season opener before beating the Las Vegas Lights at home in the US Open Cup.

Head Coach Jon Pearlmann had a tough task over this past offseason; besides Union Omaha it could be argued that Tucson had to replace the most important players from their 2021 team. Tucson lost midfield maestro Charlie Dennis and speedy attacker Shak Adams to the USL Championship sidea and standout defender Noah Franke to Greenville. They did bring in defender Jacob Crull from Union Omaha to solidify the defense, while Tevin Shaw and Louis Perez look to join Daniel Bedoya in the midfield and FMFC alumni Tyler Allen for the attack.

Tucson is still looking to bring a direct style of play but less so in a counter-attacking way. Thus far in 2022, they’ve shown more patience with the ball with Daniel Bedoya setting the tempo, but do want to go wide and then feed the ball to either Deri Corfe or Gio Calixtro. Much like last year, Tucson is very dangerous on set-pieces and that was actually how they created their first goal against Las Vegas; Madison will need to be alert especially with Crull on corners or free kicks. The way to attack Tucson however, is putting pressure on their other midfielders and defenders when they have the ball. Madison should also be feeling pretty good about creating chances against the Tucson defense which has been vulnerable this year.

Matt Glaeser Interview

Below is an unabridged interview with FMFC Head Coach & Technical Director Matt Glaeser. We’d like to thank Matt for his time on a Friday evening. If you’re a Patreon subscriber ($5/mo), you can listen to ths interview audio in full.

Andrew: Just the dulcet tones of the Zoom announcer, I love it. Catches me off guard every time.

Grant: You’re such a fan. I think every time we start this, you comment on her.

Andrew: She’s like a very serious librarian like, “You boys, quiet down back there!” Anyway, thank you Matt for joining us. We really appreciate your time. I know you’re out there in your Tucson hotel room. We just wanted to ask, obviously, you probably spent part of the day with the guys just traveling out. How are spirits heading into this weekend’s matchup against Tucson?

Matt Glaeser: Yeah, spirits are really high. The guys are excited to play. They’re excited for a number of reasons, but everyone was feeling pretty confident after the Omaha game. There was a sense of disappointment in the locker room after the game, because we felt like we should have taken all three points. But I think the positive, and what we’ve seen this week is that the guys really are starting to understand how good we can be. Which is tough for a brand new group. And spirits are high; the guys are excited to be here. They’re excited to see what we can continue to do in terms of our evolution tomorrow. So yeah, the group’s been fantastic. They’re all laughing, joking around even after a long flight today, we were out there playing five vs twos and the guys were all having a laugh and yeah, spirits are good, man.

…what we’ve seen this week is that the guys really are starting to understand how good we can be. Which is tough for a brand new group. spirits are high, the guys are excited to be here. they’re excited to see what we can continue to do in terms of our evolution tomorrow.

– Matt Glaeser

Grant: So with spirits being in such a good space, what are some of the things that Tucson does very well that you and the staff and the club have been working on looking at coming into this game?

Matt Glaeser: With Tucson, it’s interesting because they’re another club with a lot of turnover. This early in the season, when we do our scouting preparation, you don’t really have like the longitudinal data to really say like, all right, here’s what they do every week and here’s who their weakest link is, here’s who their best player is. I do think they’re a slightly unpredictable team. They’re good going forward, they definitely have some tools, some weapons on the field that can hurt us. They showed that beating Las Vegas in the Open Cup, you know, they scored three goals. They can do it against a Championship side, they can do it against us.

So we’re certainly respectful of that, but we feel like we’re going to give them a good test. We feel like, even based on some of the stuff we’ve seen, there’s some things we can hopefully do to exploit them a little bit. But yeah, no, this early, it’s always tricky. You know, what, what we’ve been asking the players to do is improve from Omaha in terms of our defending, this week we focused a lot on defending. We feel like we have to be harder to play against. We conceded easy goals, and those are the type of goals that with close to 70% possession, we can’t be conceding those goals and we need to be winning those games. And so our focus this week was primarily on us. But we did do a scouting report on Tucson and the guys are prepared.

And hopefully, the idea was to more give them some of the things that we think they may see tomorrow night, rather than “here’s Tucson, here’s their clear identity. Here’s what they do every time out.” It was more like, “look, you might see this, you might see this, and let’s be prepared for these sort of factors.”

Andrew: People that followed the club last year will know that Tyler Allen played here last year, he plays for Tucson now. And he’s looked dangerous in their first couple of games that they’ve played competitively this season. How much does that play into tactics or any of the game plan at all? When you play against guys that used to play at the club, that maybe some of the guys that have stuck around know something about their style of play and how to get at them?

Matt Glaeser: Yeah. I think with Tyler, obviously a lot of guys on the team are familiar with him. They’re familiar with his trends and what he does on and off the ball. Something that we did speak about in the video, obviously he scored a nice goal against Las Vegas. So yeah, our guys who are going to be matched up against him hopefully have a pretty clear understanding of what he’s going to want to do. And hopefully we can negate that.

But again, just on the broader scope of it, it’s more about sort of how we… I think it’s early to start saying like, “well, this matchup is so important.” It’s just a little bit early. And I think they have a couple — Calixtro is just as dangerous.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt Glaeser: It’s more of, “okay, here’s what we’ve seen from the first couple of games, here’s what we need to be aware of.” But can we do a little bit better job of being focused on our tasks at hand, if that makes sense?

Andrew: Sure.

Grant: So right now, Matt, how would you say — because we talk a lot about how the team is getting along and how they’re gelling together and things like that — How’s the staff doing? Like, how’s the staff coming along and how are they gelling with everything so far this season?

Matt Glaeser: Yeah, the staff’s been, for me, the staff’s been phenomenal. You probably have to ask them because I’m the boss [laughs]. I would say we have a great staff, honestly. I’ve been really happy with them. The guys get on well, we have… Look, we have different demographics, we have different age ranges. We have guys who have been here, guys who are new here. I actually think I’ve been really pleased with the way that’s come together. Look, it’s a work in progress how we all communicate. But the way that I like to work is I like to try to get good people in the door and then let them do what they’re good at, rather than micromanage people.

So for instance, JP’s been an MLS assistant coach. I know he knows what he’s talking about. We’ll have discussions, we might not always see eye to eye on everything. But at the end of the day, I like that. Same with Neil, like Neil’s been here for four years. I could come in and say, “Look, I want to do this, this and that.” And he’ll be like, “Well Matt, listen dude, like I’ve been here for four years, man. Like, I can tell you honestly, my perspective would be this.” And so, and Jim’s obviously got the most experience out of all of them, so to go along with Keith. So, we’ve got a really experienced group. I really like the collaborative side of it.

I’m the type of coach that wants to hear what other people have to say. Like, for instance, I’ll come in and say, “Hey, what’s your lineup for the weekend?” And give them 20 minutes to write it down on their own. And then we have a conversation about it because I want to hear what their thoughts are. And look, ultimately at the end of the day, I’ve got the final call and they know that and respect it. But, I’ve enjoyed it so far. It’s early days, but I’ve enjoyed it so far and I hope they have as well.

…the way that I like to work is I like to try to get good people in the door and then let them do what they’re good at, rather than micromanage people.

– Matt Glaeser

Andrew: I really like that idea of working collaboratively and like really taking it all in. It’s, I refer to myself as an eclecticist sometimes, I like to take the best ideas, no matter where they come from. I think part of that is just hearing different perspectives. That’s an interesting management style. What does an average day look like for the coaching staff?

Matt Glaeser: Yeah. We’re in early. We’re in early, 7:30, 8:00 AM ish. We like to get in early and be prepared for whatever the day brings us. So we’re in early, the way we’ve been training is pretty much every day but sort of lighter on some days, heavier on others. And then essentially we’re talking about, for instance, if it’s on a Monday after the Omaha game, we’re talking about, we’re all coming in with video clips from the Omaha game and things we thought went well and things we thought we needed to work on. We’re collaborating on that first thing. Based on that we’re preparing a training session for Monday and Tuesday, we’ve been training in the afternoon. So we spend the rest of that time putting the video clips together that we want to show the team.

So we’re doing video essentially every day of the week at this point in time. I don’t know if that will continue, but it’s really important for our guys to have context and really have clear pictures of what we want. And so we’ve been doing a lot of video, we did a group video on Monday in which all the staff sort of partook in. Neil and I present it. Tuesday, I split them up into individual groups based on positional groups. So forwards, sort of wingers, midfielders, and defenders. And we do line video on Tuesday and that’s all based on Omaha and things that we felt like went well and things that we need to improve on based on our game model. And then Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, it’s all about Tucson. It’s all about the next opponent, we showed video on Wednesday and Thursday. And then I left them alone today because we were traveling.

But, but yeah, no. The days are long we’re in there. 8:00 AM. We’re looking at video clips, we’re preparing the training session for the day. After the training session’s over about three, we grab a bite to eat. We come back, we circle up on anything that we need to get done. And we’re usually in the office until five, five to six ish this past week. With the Open Cup games we were in there later just because when you have a couple of days in between matches, it obviously minimizes that time. So we’ve got to put the time in, but these guys all know. They’re all professionals, all the staff know what that means and what’s asked and yeah, we all put a lot of time into it and I think that’s what it takes to be successful. Sorry. That was a long winded answer.

Andrew: No, no, I think that was spot on. It’s not a normal nine to five, right? This is a passion project.

Matt Glaeser: Yeah, yeah. Correct.

Grant: Yeah. And that kind of dovetails well into the next question that we’re going to ask Matt which is when you’re grinding like this so much, you have to find the bright spots to keep you going through especially when this time of the season, when there’s just, it seems like everything’s kind of like a blur when there’s so many games packed in during the week. So what have been the bright spots in the past, in the season or in the past couple weeks?

Matt Glaeser: Yeah. It’s all been good. Like, look, we haven’t lost a game yet, which we’re happy about, but knock on wood. But the bright spots have been, I think, especially from the coaching staff’s perspective, we’ve seen a clear growth. From Chattanooga to Omaha, we all saw a growth, maybe not in the result, but in the way we conducted our business, we felt like we played better. We felt like the goals we conceded were, I don’t want to say against the run of play because they did create some good chances, but we felt like they were more individual mistakes or small all group mistakes, as opposed to us like, man, we got to get this right tactically, like, they’re eating this up.

Grant: Yeah, just a complete team breakdown. Yeah.

Matt Glaeser: Yeah, no. So from that perspective, and that’s part of the reason why the players are in good spirits, because they saw the same thing. And so look, the next step is obviously winning a match in the league and that’s our main focus. And the Open Cup is obviously a big deal. We’re pumped, everyone’s super excited about next week. But I kind of had to bring us down to earth the other day and say, “look guys, the league is our main focus and Tucson is a massive game. We certainly can’t look beyond that because we need to win this game.” The way I see it is almost like a recoup of the two points we lost against Omaha.

…the next step is obviously winning a match in the league and that’s our main focus. And the Open Cup is obviously a big deal. We’re pumped, everyone’s super excited about next week. But I kind of had to bring us down to earth the other day and say, look guys, the league is our main focus and Tucson is a massive game. We certainly can’t look beyond that because we need to win this game.

– Matt Glaeser

Grant: Yeah.

Matt Glaeser: So we need to try and win here and win this game. So I think everyone’s on the same page regarding that.

Andrew: So that notwithstanding, let’s talk Open Cup for just a minute. This is probably maybe a slightly controversial question and I’m betting that you will answer it very diplomatically. Adrian Heath said today that he’d be fielding a different squad than Minnesota’s usual MLS lineup against Forward Madison, said a different group completely than the group that plays the Rapids on Saturday. What do you make of that? Do you think he’s talking rotation? Or do you think it’s head games a little bit?

Matt Glaeser: I don’t know, man. I don’t know Adrian personally, so I know if it was like, if it was like Jay Mims saying that who was a friend of mine, I would think it might be a little bit of like gamesmanship and stuff.

Andrew: Yeah.

Matt Glaeser: I don’t know, Adrian, I don’t know Adrian personally. I know that, I would assume that he’s probably wanting to win the match. My assumption would be, usually in these situ and I’ve been on it from both sides, from, sort of an MLS side of it and a USL side of it, I think you want to win the matches that you’re supposed to win. I think in the Open Cup, I think that’s how you sort of keep the ownership happy and that would be, that would be my takeaway, whatever that means.

The other thing that I would say is they probably are going to rotate a little bit. If I had to guess, I would assume that, I’m not expecting their strongest 11. But that being said, who knows man? You just never know. I think it depends on some different variables. The other thing I would say is we played there. You guys were there, we played their second group, their quote/unquote “second group,” in preseason and I would say there were probably seven first team players from Minnesota. And they were a strong group. So whoever they send It’s going to be a test for us. And I think the guys are going to be super excited about it, but you can’t probably read too much into what the manager’s saying, because I would imagine his main focus is the league as well. But also, again, wanting to win the games that they should win. And this is probably, if they’re being honest with themselves, this is probably a game that they feel they should win against us.

Grant: Yeah.

Matt Glaeser: But we’re going to do everything we can to make it interesting. I think we’ve got a good group, man. I really do. We’ve got a good group of guys and I think they really care. They really care about all these games, and whoever we roll out there, we’ll see how it goes this weekend, but whoever shows up from Minnesota, we’ll give them a run. I think we’ll give them a run. So…

Andrew: I do too.

Grant: So you mentioned a little bit Matt, that like you had to talk to them a little bit and bring them down to earth. So like how does that talk go? Like what’s, what’s the Genesis behind that conversation? Is it just something that you went into saying that you knew you had to? Or was it something that you kind of, did you see some things and you were kind of like, okay, we’ve got to have a talk here.

Matt Glaeser: No, no. It was more proactive. Right? Like I try to always, the way that I try to approach communication with the team is to tell them things that I anticipate happening. Right?

Grant: Yeah.

Matt Glaeser: And so that way, when it happens, they’re not like, “oh, we didn’t expect that to happen.” And that’s whether that’s the opposition, whether that’s what the next week’s going to look like, we’ve been talking about the heat in Tucson all week, hydrate, whatever it is, right? We try to get out in front of it so that it’s not a complete punch in the face when things happen. That conversation was more along the lines of, right, there was the Ukraine relief kits. There had been the announcement on Friday that we were going to play Minnesota and host them in the Open Cup. We had Omaha, the defending champions in town over the weekend, which is a rivalry.

Andrew: That’s a lot at once. Yeah.

Matt Glaeser: Yeah. So there’s been a lot to digest. There’s new guys arriving in town that our whole team’s now just gotten in. And so it was more along the lines of like, with guys coming back from injuries and getting fit and so on and so forth. So it’s sort of a lot of factors coming together at once. And so the idea was to more so like, okay, let’s be very clear about what our priorities are. And our first priority is the league and Tucson. And the Open Cup is a fantastic competition and we’re going to give everything we can in that moment, but we take it one game at a time. And that was more so the extent of it.

Andrew: Speaking of the new guys that are in town, how are Mélé and Alvin settling in?

Matt Glaeser: Yeah. Fantastic. Mélé has just got his apartment sorted. He’s he’s coming back from look, he was in Montreal where I think based on some conversations I have with them, I think some of the COVID restrictions there are a little bit more dense than what we’re dealing with. So he was having trouble kind of getting into soccer specific training. He was doing a lot of work in the gym and running. So he’s getting back to match fitness. Alvin’s…

Andrew: They have really good poutine there too. I’m just saying, like maybe that’s why he’s out of shape a little bit.

Grant: Amazing poutine.

[All laugh]

Matt Glaeser: No, no, he’ll be just fine. Mélé is an experienced pro and has spent some good time up in Edmonton. And he’ll be a good addition for us. Alvin was coming off of a little bit of a knock, just a small little, a little knee thing, but nothing too serious. So we’re just getting him back to fitness. He was in training with the Trinidad and Tobago national team and just kind of getting back to fitness. So Alvin’s, he’s getting there I think, and then Drew Connor’s coming back from a calf injury. So…

Grant: Yeah.

Matt Glaeser: We’re working towards getting the full squad at full fitness, but those guys are, they’re settling in. The way I see it is almost like an extension of pre-season. Mélé got in the day before our game at Chattanooga. His first week of pre-season was last week, now he’s in his second. He had his second week this week. Alvin had his first week last week, so this past week. So we’re not going to just throw them into the fire. We don’t want silly injuries, but obviously the more depth we have, the more pieces that I have to choose from, it makes us more competitive. And that’s why those guys are here. So we’re excited to get those guys up to speed

Andrew: Real quick, just because we’re talking about injuries, how close is Cassini back to being a hundred percent? Because he’s a player, you can tell.

Matt Glaeser: Yeah.

Grant: Yeah.

Matt Glaeser: Yeah, Matheus is a good player, man. Look, he’s another guy who came in and his fitness was okay. Probably not quite where it needed to be, but he’s got a lot going on, obviously personally, and he’s got some stuff going on. His wife is actually going to be arriving here in the next couple of days I believe so, to Madison.

Grant: Amazing.

Matt Glaeser: So he’s got a lot going on.

Andrew: Good for him.

Matt Glaeser: Yeah, I think so.

Grant: Yeah that’s awesome. That’s great.

Matt Glaeser: Yeah man, getting him settled is a big deal and…

Grant: And the baby’s coming too?

Matt Glaeser: The baby will be on the way here in the summer. So, yeah. So he’s got a lot going on. I guess for a young man, he’s got a lot going on. We’re trying to be sensitive to that fact and obviously get him settled and get him comfortable in the area. And then obviously he had a bit of a calf injury as well. So he’s been working back from that, but recently I’ve seen a real change in him.

Part of it is the family situation is going to improve for him. And his calf injuries kind of fully healed. So Matheus is in a position now where he can play a little bit more significantly, at a higher level. Even in Chattanooga, we brought him on at halftime and he did well, he obviously helped us set up the goal. But he’s got another gear or two that we haven’t quite seen yet. And so, at least I’m hoping that’s the case. We’ve probably only seen about half of what he’s got in him, is my thought. I’m hoping that in the next couple of weeks we can really get him up to speed and he plays a little bit bigger role in what we’re trying to get into.

Grant: Well, his half has been spectacular. So I’m excited to see what he can do it at full strength. But you mentioned a little bit about the guys settling in to Madison. So what about yourself? How are you settling in to Madison? What do you like? How are things?

Matt Glaeser: Yeah, good man. It’s been great. Like, I’ll be honest, so I got here in January, stayed in an Airbnb.

Grant: A terrible time to arrive in Madison, by the way.

Matt Glaeser: Yeah. Yeah. Everyone said that. But no, it’s been great. My girlfriend Sarah arrived about a month ago, so we’ve been sort of settling in. We’re over in the sort of Willy Street area.

Grant: Oh yeah.

Matt Glaeser: She found a duplex over there, so we’re settling in. And a couple of nice days this past week we did a bike ride. We’re settling in a little bit, but obviously, and she knows this and all of us in our industry know, like it’s just this time of year is mayhem. And from preseason, really through the entire season, but with the Open Cup and it’s yeah. We’re settled, but there’s more unpacking to do. And we’re getting there. We’re getting there, man. It’s…

Grant: So a little on fire, but comfortable.

Matt Glaeser: Yeah. We’re good. We’re good. No, we’re good. Everything’s good. We’re settling in. But yeah, we kind of knew what it was going to be.

Grant: That’s good, that’s good. So we knew it was going to be a busy time, but for the best. Being busy keeps you out of trouble, which is a good thing.

Andrew: That’s right. All right, so last question and we saved the best one for last. So I know you’re a big music guy. Last time you were on, we talked a little bit about Black Keys.

Grant: Who have a new album coming out by the way, Matt, do you know this?

Matt Glaeser: I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that.

Grant: Yeah. They have a new album coming out. I think it’s in two weeks, I think it’s called Dropout Boogie. So.

Matt Glaeser: Okay. All right.

Andrew: Anyway. Yeah. So what have you been listening to a lot lately? Like what’s on Matt’s heavy rotation? But also, I know a lot of fans are probably interested in if there are any sort of locker room favorites with the squad?

Matt Glaeser: Oh, yeah.

Andrew: Like what you hear playing in the locker room lately. But yeah, let’s start with yours. What have you been listening to lately?

Matt Glaeser: I’ll do a couple of things. I know Father John Misty just released his new one. I’ve been listening to that a little bit. That’s a little bit more like you’ve got to sit down and really listen to it, but… I’m a big, apart from that and I’m a big… I’m kind of like an old, I’m an eighties baby. So, I like my old school, not, I don’t want to say old school, but my hip hop. That’s sort of my defacto. I’m from Virginia, a lot of Outkast, a lot of stuff like that. Rap from the nineties.

Rap from the early 2000s. Sarah and I, Sarah’s from Atlanta, Georgia, so we kind of bond over some of that, Southern rap music that we grew up listening to. But yeah, man, to be honest, yeah, I’ve listened to some of the new Misty album. But I just haven’t spent a lot of time listening to much new music. Or even like, I don’t even know that Black Keys, he had something coming out, so.

Grant: Alright. So then I will ask you being an Outkast fan myself. Favorite Outkast album, favorite Outkast song?

Matt Glaeser: Oh man. Geez man. You put me on the spot

Andrew: You’re going to divide the fanbase right now.

Grant Pieters: So Fresh So Clean, my favorite song. I’ll tell you that right now.

Matt Glaeser: Yeah, yeah. I would say… So when I really, and it’s more like anecdotal. But the Aquemini album was my… When I was in high school.

Grant: Legendary.

Matt Glaeser: That was a big one for me. And I liked… Man, but I think I probably first got into it with the ATLiens album, and… But man song wise, I like so many of their songs. Jazzy Belle, ATLiens, from the Aquemini album man, probably all of them. Man, I love those guys. So they were a big part of growing up for sure.

Grant: One of these days I’ll have to wear my ATLiens socks to a match and show you.

Matt Glaeser: There we go. Yeah. I’d like to see that, yeah.

Andrew: So the other half of that question, so we talked a little about heavy rotation, but what’s the locker room favorite so far this year?

Matt Glaeser: Yeah. The locker room is…

Grant: We hear AWO has control of the aux cord a lot.

Matt Glaeser: I’m hearing AWO has a lot of stuff going on. Drew Connor kind of gets in there and has kind of, I want to say some more like, I don’t want to speak too soon, but I want to say it’s a little bit more like dance kind of vibe.

Andrew: Oh, yeah.

Matt Glaeser: Like dance music kind of vibe. I want to say Eric Leonard has a… So the one sort of story I’ll give you is that we have a fine wheel in the locker room. And so if you mess up or you do something that’s against the clubhouse rules, so to speak, you’ve got to spin the fine wheel and you can buy out of it or whatever. But most of the guys spin the fine wheel. And one of the sort of punishments on the fine wheel is a music video. And so Eric Leonard, and I found out too, and that’s another story I’ll get into it with you guys another time. But Eric Leonard spun the fine wheel, landed on music video. And you guys probably know his background and stuff, but he did, you have to see it. I think it’s Mr. Carter, Lil Wayne. But it was really like well done. And I was like, geez, man, like how much time did you put into this? Like, well done.

Andrew: Dude, Grant, you have to bug him about that. You have to have him share that with us.

Grant: I will get footage of this video. I guarantee you that.

Andrew: Yeah, you go shake him down. You go shake him down.

Matt Glaeser: It’s good.

Grant: I will pick him up by his ankles if I have to and shake him down for this footage.

Matt Glaeser: Yeah, ask him about it next time you speak to him.

Grant: All right, very good.

Matt Glaeser:

It’s, I was impressed.

Andrew: That’s brilliant.

Matt Glaeser: So that was my takeaway. But yeah, Andrew’s the first one in. Andrew’s usually got some like neo-soul kind of going on or something.

Grant: I’m in.

Matt Glaeser: Then it usually gets a little bit more intense once the rest of the guys get in. And I think the DJs change, but yeah, no, it’s a good group all around and musically as well, I would say.

Andrew: I love that. I love that. Well, Matt, thank you so much for joining us tonight.

Grant: Yeah, thanks Matt.

Andrew: We don’t want take up too much of your time. I just want to say good luck tomorrow night and on Wednesday as well because I probably won’t see it. I’m going to be in Belize the next two weeks so I’m bummed as shit that I can’t watch this Minnesota United game, but I know we’re going to give them a run for their money, whether they expect it or not.

Matt Glaeser: Yeah.

Grant: Yeah. Give them hell and give them a little bit more.

Matt Glaeser: We will man. Enjoy your vacation, enjoy Belize. And we’ll see you guys soon alright? I appreciate the time.

Andrew: Sounds great. We appreciate it. We’ll talk to you then.

Grant: All right, Matt. Be easy.

Matt Glaeser: See you guys.


  • Andrew Schmidt

    Eclecticist, FMFC supporter, Flock co-founder, designer of things, and taker of photos. Writer, wrench, motorcyclist. Pro-intellectualist, anti-pedant. Drinker of coffee and greeter of dogs.


  • Grant Pieters

    Father, deep thinker, lover of life...and falafel.


  • Kyle Carr

    Capo, light gamer, podcaster and super amateur baker. All that plus some other stuff


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