Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Kyle Carr

Capo, light gamer, podcaster and super amateur baker. All that plus some other stuff
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Recapping Forward Madison’s Signing Day Announcements

Kyle analyzes the USL1 signing day announcements from FMFC, which drew ire from Fresno fans and Omaha fans for different reasons. A signla of intent? Time will tell.

Madison vs Omaha: Huffing and puffing

Well, it's Groundhog Day...again

Mile High Red Cards and Game 100

A calm night in the mountains leads to match 100 Forward Madison went to Colorado to face the Northern Colorado Hailstorm for the final time this...

Madison vs Chattanooga: Slick Ending Rescues Madison

In this league, every point gained is vital and dropped points can have damaging consequences. After a trip to North Carolina to both Charlotte and...

The Keys to Forward Madison’s Recent Success

Kyle steps away from the stats and the tactics board to examine at a high level how these Flamingos have started to turn their season around

News Roundup & Fresno Preview

Andrew and Kyle round up the week's FMFC news an preview the Fresno game. Rad makes Team of the Week, riding bikes for good causes, and the USA ain't shit.

Greenville Preview: Triskaidekaphobia

Andrew and Kyle round up the week's FMFC news and preview the Greenville game. It's time to break the curse.

News Roundup, Richmond Preview

Andrew and Kyle round up the week'a FMFC news and preview the first Henny Derby matchup of the 2022 season.

A Macro Deep Dive Into Forward Madison’s 2022 Start

Kyle explores why possession doesn't always equal progress. You have to take risks. The stats and results agree.

Fuego Preview: Back to Business

Andrew and Kyle preview the Fresno game. Andrew laments leaving Belize, though much like this FMFC team is relishing a return to challenging work and the mechanisms and traditions of home. Here's hoping for 3 points.