Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Super Soul Sunday

Super Soul Sunday – ‘Donny Hathaway: Live’

After a hectic week, I got a little help from one of my friends to make this week's of the best live albums ever released and one of soul music's preeminent voices. Lean in.

Super Soul Sunday – ‘What’s Going On’

A deeply meaningful entry today, as we celebrate the birthday of one of soul music's paramount artists and one of the greatest albums of all time...

Super Soul Sunday – ‘Rapture’

Today's choice for Super Soul Sunday comes from one of the queens of soul music in the 80s and also one of the most sampled...including by the man in ALL CAPS...

Super Soul Sunday – ‘Private Space’

Take a break from this weekend's March Madness to kick back and groove with one of the best neo-soul acts around today...

Super Soul Sunday – “Loving In Stereo”

What's that? You want some neo-funk/soul from the UK for Super Soul Sunday? Beautiful! So do I! Here...have some. There's plenty to go around...

Super Soul Sunday – ‘Kool and the Gang’

Today's choice hails from Jersey City, NJ, bringing us some of the best soul/R&B of the 70s and helping to pioneer the sound that still echoes today...

Super Soul Sunday – “The Slow Rush”

Today's choice for #SuperSoulSunday is the most recent release from Australia's electro-funk/soul/pop maestro, Kevin Parker...Tame Impala's, "The Slow Rush." Another of the numerous great finds from last week's adventure to the Twin Cities.

Super Soul Sunday – ‘Synchronized’

After a whirlwind trip to the crates in the Twin Cities, Grant returns to bring us the UK act, Jamiroquai, and their electro-soul/funk from Planet Home. Get on up.

Super Soul Sunday – ‘Wake Up Everybody’

While Snoop may be performing at halftime tonight, Grant's selection is a group Tha Doggfather referenced on his first album.

Super Soul Sunday – H.E.R.

For this week's Super Soul Sunday, Grant's pick is the amazingly talented, burgeoning superstar, H.E.R.