Wednesday, June 12, 2024
Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Grant Pieters

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FMFC 1-2 Charlotte: Taking Positives

Andrew recaps a frustrating loss against Charlotte, but there were plenty of positives from the performance. Quotes from goalscorer Nazeem Bartman, Matheus Cassini shines.

Super Soul Sunday – ‘Cure The Jones’

It's back!! On this easy, breezy Sunday, Grant makes his return with some deep, neo-soul grooves from the UK and news about upcoming changes to Super Soul Sunday!

Neil Hlavaty: Making His Mark

Andrew and Grant chat with FMFC Assistant Coach Neil Hlavaty about his first 3+ years at the club, lessons learned from Shore, Craig, and Glaeser, and why the early 2000s were his favorite years as a soccer fan.

Noah Fuson: From Pink and Blue to Crew II

Andrew and Grant chat with FMFC alum and current Crew II striker Noah Fuson about modern classic football films, financing his first car, and front row seats at the cinema.

FMFC 1-1 UW: Another “Battle” Ends In Draw

Grant recaps the epic battle for the ages: Flamingos vs Badgers. Jack Finnegan shines, Mélé gets minutes, and Abdou breaks his FMFC duck

Eric Leonard: Tempers in Tucson, Looking Ahead to Loons

Andrew, Grant, and Kyle chat with Eric Leonard about playing your game no matter the consequences, being keyed up for big games, and players to watch after impressing in training.

Super Soul Sunday – ‘Silk Degrees’

Today's choice for Super Soul Sunday is one of Grant's favorite all-time grooves and album titles. Seriously, does it get any cooler than 'Silk Degrees?' Also...make sure to give it up for Jeff Porcaro.

Mikey Maldonado: Family. Dedication. Home.

Grant chats with FMFC defender and San Antonio native Mikey Maldonado about growing up in Texas, working to go pro, and how Madison feels like home

Tucson Preview, Matt Glaeser Interview

The NDZ crew recap the week's news and preview the Tucson game, as well as sit down with the bossman himself, Matt Glaeser. We chat Canadian cuisine, Dungeon Family, and what an average day looks like for FMFC technical staff.

Super Soul Sunday – ‘Donny Hathaway: Live’

After a hectic week, I got a little help from one of my friends to make this week's of the best live albums ever released and one of soul music's preeminent voices. Lean in.