Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

NDZ Live


Andrew, Grant, and Mitch chat to FMFC's Matt Glaeser about the return to the USL1 postseason, prepping the squad for the tests ahead, and Pokemon: Heavy Rain Edition. Enjoy, and we'll hopefully see you in NoCo.

NDZ Live 033 – Anything and Everything

It's Groundhog Day, again. Another week, another 2nd half defeat in a 2nd half of a season where the hits keep coming. But for the first time since 2019 we stand at the precipice of a postseason. Number one rule of playoffs: Just get in.

NDZ Live 032 – Derek Gebhard and Christian Chaney

Derek Gebhard and Christian Chaney join the usual suspects to reflect a year on from 2022's final home game, discuss playing under pressure and how Breese's atmosphere affects that, and name names for a 2023 squad "Best Of" list. The guests flip the script and ask us questions, and we don't hold back. Thanks again to our Patreon backers, who continue to help make NDZ possible.

NDZ Live 031 – Antiformulaic with Keith Tiemeyer

Holidays on the Mississippi River, stupid bad luck goals, finding joy in the margins. It's been a slog of a season and there's still a lot to play for. See you Saturday for one of our final two home games of the regular season.

NDZ Live 030 – Legacy with Nazeem Bartman

Nazeem Bartman, his father's legacy. Some things are more important than soccer, & it frequently has a way of reminding you of this fact.

NDZ Live 029 – Threadbare

A month's worth of away games ends in frustrating defeat to another lower table side who yet again seem to have our number.

NDZ Live 028 – Well-Adjusted With Jayden Onen

Andrew and Grant chat to a very in-form Jayden Onen, who happens to be hitting his stride at arguably the best time for this FMFC team's attack to get hot. The London-born midfielder shares some of the reasons why his step is a bit lighter and his play a bit spicier, the current mood in the locker room, and which squad members have the best taste in music and trainers. The Fuego game is recapped, and the Red Wolves away match is previewed.

NDZ Live 027 – With Punity

It's a bit of a different one this week. Andrew and Grant are left unchecked and discuss the away loss to Tormenta. The boys chat to local referee and Forward Madison supporter Adam Wallman to gain some perspective. Deceptively winnable matches lurk.

NDZ Live 026: Brothertonian

The guys chat to Kiwi, former Badger, and current FMFC defender Sam Brotherton about growing up in New Zealand, leaving college early for Sunderland AFC, playing in the U20 World Cup, and what it's like living in Madison a second time. Thanks to Sam for his time, and to all our Patreon backers for continuing to make this show possible!

NDZ Live 025: Philosophy With John Pascarella

Andrew, Grant, Kyle, and Mitch chat philosophy and tactics with FMFC Assistant Coach, honorary sensei / sifu / teacher / perpetual student and soccer journeyman John Pascarella. John shares his deep knowledge of Tactical Periodization, a holistic approach to the game, which books he's reading, and his appreciation for Suits.