Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

New Series: Hey Mr. DJ!

Hey Mr. DJ! is a new monthly article featuring tracks that bang, curated by Madison-based DJ Chris Fox, AKA Jean Le Duke. An active DJ playing out for the past 15+ years, JLD has had the chance to take his love of tunes across the country while opening for both national and international acts.

Disclaimer: This article can and will showcase what might be considered “foul” language to some, along with the word “nigga.” Do not continue to read if you are sensitive to such things. 

– Chris


808’s, horns, piano, and trap hi-hats. Not much more can sum up this wonderfully crafted tune by the mysterious PHONK WALKER. That being said, this isn’t the normal track by the heavily Memphis-inspired producer. Starting off with piano and horns and gently fading into what will throw off any trap head. After 8 bars PW releases the bass! Slowing down the BPM on this track to the 60 range from their normal 78-82 high octane sound. This allows the track to sit and stay. Letting the listener decide if they wish to get buck or recline the seat, light a BnM and do two miles an hour so everybody see.

Paul Wall – Clubber Lang Ft KXNG Crooked & Wais P

The beat drops instantly into a hard-hitting east coast flavor completely shattering our previous conceptions of what Paul Wall raps over. Steady delivering the trademark “slow flow” P. Dub is known for while both KXNG Crooked and Wais P bring nothing but steady east coast delivery. Statik Selektah makes sure the smooth yet aggressive beat is able to hype you up on more than one level.

Freddie Gibbs – Ice Cream Ft Rick Ross

A combo I never knew I needed. Kenny Beats on production w/ Gibbs and Rick Ross bringing what could be called a “quintessential hood classic.” NUFF SAID!

Benny The Butcher – Gurerreo Ft Westside Gunn

We can talk all day about Johnny P’s Caddy ft J. Cole but let’s not forget that BTB and the Griselda clan can keep it in the crew and slay anybody! Continuing the be the hood’s Norman Rockwell, we see BTB and WSG get straight to the point over a beat that would give most MC’s an issue. Not with the speed but the lingering undertones in the production. Beats that are always reminding us that these dudes are almost 40 and really broke into the game by doing what THEY do best and nothing less. Turn this on, bump a zoot and let yourself fall into the story being told.


  • Chris Fox

    Football fan. Barkeep. Father. An active DJ playing out for the past 15+ years, Chris has taken his love of tunes across the country as DJ Jean Le Duke, while opening for both national and international acts.

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