Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Hey Mr. DJ! – May 2022

Hey Mr. DJ! is a monthly article featuring tracks that bang, curated by Madison-based DJ Chris Fox, AKA Jean Le Duke. An active DJ playing out for the past 15+ years, JLD has had the chance to take his love of tunes across the country while opening for both national and international acts.

Disclaimer: This article can and will showcase what might be considered “foul” language to some, along with the word “nigga.” Do not continue to read if you are sensitive to such things. 

– Chris

Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Pt 5

Kendrick allows us insight into personal growth and opinions on the culture in which raised. This 5th installment of The Heart raises the bar in not only produciton but also in how we (AA) move. Be it political, racial or personal. There are alot of things in this track many people will never fully understand, not being from the Black community. That doesn’t mean it isn’t one lyrical showcase that all should hear at least a handful of times.

P Money x Whiney – Sorry I’m Not Sorry

UK’s P-Money is more known recently for his grime tracks but is never shy from stepping into the booth and taking it back to the roots. This simple yet aggresive drum-n-bass tune dropps like a hammer to the foot. It hurts how good it is. If you’re ever having a hard time getting out of bed, bang this!

Rincon Sapiência – De Onde Cê Vem + Serenata part. Timor YSF // O Peso das Barra

Those who know me know DAMN well I don’t speak portuguse but the way this Brazilian MC delivers his flow over this mellow trap beat had me from the first few bars.

Marlon Craft- Julius Randle

NY native Marlon Craft willingly steps in the light of one of the hardest Hip-Hop scenes to break. New York is reletless yet the young cat continues to make his mark. Julius Randle is Craft’s way of letting us know he won’t be going anywhere soon. Continuing to make moves as an independent artist has proven to be the right call, allowing movements in any direction at any moment. Keep an eye on this kid!


  • Chris Fox

    Football fan. Barkeep. Father. An active DJ playing out for the past 15+ years, Chris has taken his love of tunes across the country as DJ Jean Le Duke, while opening for both national and international acts.

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