Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Hey Mr. DJ! – July 2022

Photo: Justin Nuñez / FNDM90

Hey Mr. DJ! is a monthly article featuring tracks that bang, curated by Madison-based DJ Chris Fox, AKA Jean Le Duke. An active DJ playing out for the past 15+ years, JLD has had the chance to take his love of tunes across the country while opening for both national and international acts.

Disclaimer: This article can and will showcase what might be considered “foul” language to some, along with the word “nigga.” Do not continue to read if you are sensitive to such things. 

– Chris

Killer Mike – Run ft. Dave Chappelle & Young Thug

“Mike, the one thing about being a nigga in America, it’s like storming the beach in Normandy. A guy gets popped, another guy goes, another guy falls. You just gotta keep going, gotta keep storming that beach, nigga. You gotta keep runnin’. Ain’t no rhyme or reason why it’s not you on the ground, but as long as it’s not, you better keep your feet underneath you. Keep ’em movin’. Ain’t no time to be scared. But even if you are, what fuckin’ different does it make, run nigga, keep going. You’re just as heroic as those people that stormed the beach. So what’s the excuse, I’m not good enough, I did something wrong, I’m not perfect nobody asked anyone to be perfect, we just asking people to be honest. You’re a leader, lead! Don’t be afraid, we got your back like the motherfuckin’ Verizon man. Run!”

– Dave Chappelle

Pete & Bas – Mr. Worldwide

Doing my normal rounds about the world of UK grime and drill these two young lads caught my eye early.

2-3 years later, a prison sentence served by one of them and a list of tunes that have already been certified. Pete & Bas return with a street classic in “Mr. Worldwide.” Don’t for a second think the age gap between them and the lot of rappers means they won’t hit with cleaver punchlines and metaphors while also bouncing back at forth at triplet speeds with ease.

Just don’t be too mad you won’t ever be this dope, even in your younger age.

Central Cee – Ungrateful

“Served a pregnant lady, it fucked up my head couple things I regret trying to earn a wage”

Right off the bat Cee let’s us know he’s searching for some peace on this track.

All I can say. There is at least one point in the lyrics you can probably relate with.


  • Chris Fox

    Football fan. Barkeep. Father. An active DJ playing out for the past 15+ years, Chris has taken his love of tunes across the country as DJ Jean Le Duke, while opening for both national and international acts.

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