Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Revs II 1-0 FMFC: It’s Groundhog Day, Again

Welp. That wasn’t great. Again. Apologies for not having the recap out this AM, but I spent most of last night after the match with Grant, painting a banner we’ll be taking with us to Richmond this weekend. It’s been an incredibly busy week thus far and I’m spending most of my waking moments prepping for this year’s Irruption Tour, which will culminate at the return to Richmond on Saturday.

If you don’t get the reference to Groundhog Day, it’s a early 90s film about a weatherman who visits a small Pennsylvania town to cover the local Groundhog Day proceedings. He ends up going to bed and waking up to re-live the same day, over and over again, for 10,000 years. While it’s a bit hyperbolic to compare the plot of a fantastical (and hilarious) film like that to our woes as FMFC fans, there is a palpable sense of deja vu when watching this team give up a lead only to draw a game, or to not score at all on the road.

Low scoring has been endemic of this club for 3 years running — despite playing and coaching staff changes — and must be on the to-do list to sort out in the off-season. We’re going on 339 minutes since our last goal, and many fans will remember watching 540 minutes without a goal at home in 2019. I’m not sure if that means changes in philosophy, talent acquisition, or what, but the football hasn’t been exciting lately and that has to change if the club wants to keep fans interested.

With all that said, the football looked better last night in comparison with our recent form.

Revs II 1-0 FMFC

Despite the scoreline, Carl Craig will likely be pleased at the effort his team showed in comparison to when these two sides last matched up just eleven days previous. Their hearts were in it, but for seemingly the 2182138th time this season, we failed to capitalize on chances. It’s a bit of a bummer that we’ll end this season with only one win over an MLS2 side, especially with how inconsistent those teams have been playing.

I mentioned Justin Rennicks in my preview and he’d end up being a thorn in the FMFC back line’s side again last night, netting an admittedly fantastic one-touch jumping back-heeled effort just past the 8 minute mark. Madison would have their first effort on goal inside the 10th minute when Audi Jepson played a great through ball to Jake Keegan, whose shot unfortunately went straight to the keeper. The Flamingos’ front line looked much more lively on this occasion, frequently running into space and calling for passes. Keegan and Tyler Allen likely will be a bit frustrated watching the tape at the 11:41 mark, when Keegan is onside in space near the penalty spot and Allen decides to instead pass back to Sukow, who skied it through the gridiron uprights.

Speaking of gridiron, Gillette Stadium yet again was painted for the Patriots, even though the Revs’ MLS side plays at home on Saturday and the Patriots play away in Dallas. I’m not sure what the reasoning for that is, beyond a lack of respect and care for their II side. Yet another reason many USL1 and USLC fans will be glad to see those MLS2 teams exit the USL system.

Sukow would later lay off a near assist for Audi Jepson, who managed a shot from distance at around the 18′ mark, forcing a diving save from the Revs keeper. Molloy had a good crack at goal from a free kick in the 59th minute, but in the end it went straight to the keeper. Breno largely kept things tidy aside from the goal, with 2 good saves, 7 recoveries, and an 86% distribution rate.

Madison’s last gasp would come from substitute Noah Fuson, whose one-touch shot went just wide of the near post in the final minute of stoppage time. I like Noah a lot, and you could tell how frustrated he was after the miss. Talking to him on Saturday at the Camp Mingo event, it’s clear he wants to turn things around results-wise, and that had to be an incredibly maddening moment for him. With the lack of goals recently, I was pleased that the guys were at least taking shots when the opportunity presented itself.

The Lineup

Justin Sukow in for Christian Enriquez was only change to the first eleven compared to the lineup on October 1, which ended up being a positive swap. Sukow would manage 3 shots and an 87% passing percentage. Aaron Molloy proved his worth yet again, winning MOTM honors with a 91% passing percentage (83 passes), 4 tackles, and 2 shots.

Personally, I’d like to see Leonard in the #6 spot and Molloy playing as a #10 for the remaining games, because if there’s one thing we’ve been missing for some time, it’s good linkup play and distribution to our strikers and wing players in the final third. With Molloy’s quality in passing accuracy and ability to turn and spot runs, as well as press and make tackles high up the pitch, I think it could be a game changer. I always liked Leonard as a destroyer type defensive midfielder anyway, and Fernandez could easily slot in that back three.

Playoff Prognosis

Sport Club Stats has the Flamingos at a 3.7% chance of making the playoffs after this game, and a 25.9% chance if we win at Richmond this weekend. It’s shaping up to be a massive game. The last time FMFC played in Richmond to cap off the inaugural Irruption Tour (2019), an early Danny Tenorio strike helped Madison take all three points. Kyle brought the Henny Derby trophy home, and FMFC knocked Richmond out of playoff contention — a coincidence that is not lost on me, considering the shoe may be on the other foot now.

Will we see a repeat of the 2019 Irruption Tour derby match, or will Richmond solidify a top six playoff spot? Everything crossed the team finally finds their shooting boots. If not, our playoff chances may be well and truly over.


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