Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

NDZ Live 009: Aiden and Mauro

Andrew, Grant, and Mitch sit down with new boys Aiden Mesias and Mauro Cichero to discuss how they’re settling in to Madison, growing up with footballer fathers, the importance of family, and the deliciousness of Filipino food. Mauro shares about his comeback from ACL injuries, not once but twice, and Aiden’s choice of favourite film may surprise you. This is the first time we’ve chatted with Aiden, who looked quite good in the CF97II scrimmage last Friday. The game was a closely-contested affair in the first half, opened up by a group of trialists in the later part of the game, one specific trialist especially impressing this publication’s staff. Time will tell if he’s given a contract, but let’s just say he’s got family ties to Madison and in my estimation would be an easy fan-favorite.

Mauro is shaping up to be one of my favorites on this team. When you listen, you’ll get it. He’s constantly questioning whether the path he’s on is the right one, and is super measured but full of flair. You can listen to Mauro’s reaction to the CF97II game, as well as thoughts from returnees Derek Gebhard, Mitch Osmond, and new Fire II signing and old pal Eric Leonard on our Patreon. It’s just $5/month and you’ll get all our podcasts early, as well as post-match reactions from players and coaching staff.

I’m off to take care of Clyde and then to work, enjoy your weekend and here’s to hoping today’s exercise vs Indy Eleven goes well and our guys make it back without any injuries.


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