Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

NDZ Live 008: Post-Plunge with Keith Tiemeyer

It’s a full house this week as the guys sit down to chat with returning guest Keith Tiemeyer, FMFC’s Director of Soccer Operations and Development. We discuss fashion at the Polar Plunge, how community events galvanize the club with fans and the city, Paul Mullin’s wondergoal vs Aldershot Town, and what a player’s boot colorway says about their personality.

Grant, Kyle, and I also guested this week on a preseason roundtable episode of Talkin’ Flock along with Flock president Kelly Ferguson, and you’ll be able to hear us all throughout the season co-hosting with Rob. We talk through the offseason roster moves, which players we’re excited about, which players we’ll miss, what we feel like the 2023 version of this squad will look like and what we might name a new cow. We do a bit of Hindsight from the Future and round it out with some predictions for the season.

We’ll have a crew down in Bridgeview today for the preseason exercise vs Fire 2, hopefully with some post-game soundbites from the coaching staff and players. We’ll see our pal Eric Leonard, and will hopefully have a bit of a chat with him about early days as a married man, playing for the Fire’s MLS Next side, and how his thesis studies are coming along at McDonald’s University.

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend!


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