Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

NDZ Live 001: Catching Up With Matt Glaeser

Good evening / morning / afternoon wherever you might be, Andrew here with a brand new installment of the podcast audio situation, and it’s a particularly good one if I do say so myself. It’s been a while since I’ve been on ye aulde NDZ website, but as with life and football, change is invevitable and I, as the song says, must turn and face the strange. While Bowie sang about artistic reinvention, there’s a bit of a personnel reinvention happening around the football club. It’s hard to not believe this coming season feels different, especially if you take to heart what Head Coach and Technical Director Matt Glaeser has to say about what the new recruits can offer to the team, and how we haven’t yet seen the best of the returnees (remember that Derek Gebhard first touch in Fort Lauderdale in 2021?)

Glaeser addressed season ticket holders at the club’s holiday party last night, lauding the stadium atmosphere as a main factor in drawing players to sign for the Flamingos:

“You guys are the nuts and bolts of the football club. The supporters, the season ticket holders that come out rain or shine, win or lose, it means a lot to us. I want to personally say thank you to for what you do for the football club. It means a lot to me, my staff, the players. They live and die for this stuff and the environment you create is something that makes it easier for me to do my job, which is to motivate the players and recruit good players to come here. Hopefully that manifests itself in a good season next year. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. So thank you. I’m feeling really positive about where we’re headed. I feel really good about what 2023 is going to look like, and there is a lot of work to be done still but we’ve gotten off to a strong start. We’re feeling good about where we’re headed and I think without being overzealous about it, we can have a positive, a tentative feeling that things are going to improve.”

Matt had a lot of interesting things to say about the returnees and new signings at the club’s holiday party, and our Patreon subscribers can hear the raw audio here. Subscribing on Patreon is a minimum of just $5 per month and you’ll get all the exclusives (including post-match audio interviews with FMFC players and staff), as well as all of our weekly podcasts 2 days before everyone else. All the proceeds go back into the site / audio recording equipment / travel for matches and events so we can cover them (and plenty goes to good causes).

This episode also available on all the major audio platforms.


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