Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Preparing for Print

Firstly, thanks for reading NDZ and thanks especially to our Patreon backers. You help make the time we spent covering the team not just worthwhile, but you make it possible. Transcription costs for interviews aren’t cheap and frankly, neither is our time. As we head into the month of June we had to make a decision about where we’d continue to spend the aforementioned valuable commodity that is our life force, and while we enjoy covering the club on a more day-to-day basis, the genesis and goal of New Dogma was always to create a print edition. There are great post-match writeups from Rob Chappell over at Madison365, we suggest you follow their Sports category.

We love interviews. And editorials. and photos. And art. And chatting bullshit, we especially love that. But we simply don’t have the bandwidth to do all of the above and the match-by-match coverage simultaneously, so we’re making the decision to take a month-long hiatus from match previews and recaps, which will allow us to repurpose that energy toward a print edition, which we’ll hopefully have out for sale sometime in July or August.

We’ll still be doing our regular features including Super Soul Sunday, Hey Mr. DJ, post-match audio and interviews, but will reserve release for interviews solely in audio form for the month of June to our Patreon backers (it’s $5/mo, it’s well worth it). If you like those interviews, subscribe on Patreon and watch that feed. They even have variable listening speeds on their mobile app, so you can consume them like your favorite podcasts. Our Patreon backers will also receive a discount on preorders of the print editions of NDZ, so again, it’s good value.

We hope you all have a lovely June.


  • Andrew Schmidt

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