Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Wednesday, May 29, 2024

NDZ x Patreon

We here at NDZ are excited to announce we’re launching a Patreon as a way for our readership to support the fan-voiced coverage we love to provide. Becoming a supporter is a flat $5 a month minimum, and will help us continue to deliver quality content such as match previews and recaps, interviews, editorials, Grant’s Super Soul Sunday series, and more. We have plans for more audio and video content as well as events, and more fun surprises in store for monthly supporters (including physical items at no extras cost).

To kick things off, anyone who signs up in the next week will receive an FMFC sticker pack in the post in early May, including a Patron-exclusive NDZ sticker currently being designed. Patrons will also be the first to know when we drop print editions of the zine, and will receive exclusive discounts on print issues, stickers, merch, and more. Your help ensures we can keep the lights on (web hosting ain’t free) as well deliver content in the fastest way possible (transcribing interviews takes time and we all have day jobs).

Our first Patron exclusive you can unlock by signing up is the audio from a short post-match interview Grant did with Andrew Wheeler-Omiunu after the April 9 home game vs Union Omaha, a soundbite not included in the match recap. We plan to offer audio and video from interviews, including content not included in write-ups on the blog or print editions.

A final note: the web version of NDZ will always be free, as we believe anyone should be able to read about and follow FMFC. As always: thanks for reading and for supporting local, fan-voiced coverage of the sport and club we love.

-Andrew, Grant, and Kyle


  • Andrew Schmidt

    Eclecticist, FMFC supporter, Flock co-founder, designer of things, and taker of photos. Writer, wrench, motorcyclist. Pro-intellectualist, anti-pedant. Drinker of coffee and greeter of dogs.


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