Sunday, July 14, 2024
Sunday, July 14, 2024

Friday News Roundup, MNUFC2 Preview

Morning all, Grant and I are headed off this morning to the Cities to cover the MNUFC2 friendly so I’ll be brief. Expect some sort of live coverage from us on the bird app during the match, as we expect to see some new faces in the side and will aim to keep you informed about how the squad is shaping up whilst not pissing off the MNUFC2 brass (it is a closed-door friendly). The Loons’ reserves only just announced in December they’d be joining MLS Next, a new third division offering which will only be slightly more noisy and well-attended than a Sunday morning YMCA pickup basketball game.

As we’ve seen in USL1 league play these past three seasons, MLS reserves players are always looking to impress to get a move up to the senior team, and they’re willing to kick and fight to do so. This will undoubtedly be the toughest test of Glaeser’s fledgling Flamingos, and i expect it might be a bit tetchy and physical. I’m sure that will be weighing on the mind of Coach Glaeser as he makes his squad selection and substitutes, and let’s just hope none of our guys come away with injuries. Personally I’m quite interested to see the type of mettle Glaeser will have instilled in the squad as compared to the often listless team we saw last season.

Speaking of the squad, the club has updated the team page on the website to reflect the currently-announced 2022 roster, of which there are 15 as of this morning. We know from Coach Glaeser’s quotes last week that 19 are signed, meaning there are 4 more unannounced roster spots filled and 3-4 more signings to make. One has to think a backup striker is in the works, as we all know how thin this team is up front when no true backup options exist at the number 9 spot, even if the trialist wearing the number 7 shirt in preseason continues to play well and is offered a contract. I think most Madison fans would agree that Glaeser should be pulling out all the tricks to do whatever it takes to stop leaking late goals and going through scoreless droughts. Today we may well see recent signing Mele Temguia play his first minutes for the club, as well as Abdou Mbacke Thiam who has been in Blaine all week training with the team.

Stadium Improvements

The club announced a new-look Forward Club on Monday, moving from the tent behind the Flock End on the Brearly side of the grounds to a newly-renovated space under sections 104 & 105 on the Mifflin St side of the stadium (under the grandstand). The hope is this will be an open-air space available to all fans pre and postgame, and during games to fans who pay a premium to attend in the sideline “Forward Club” seating. Think of this like “club-level” seating in European stadiums, which include cushy seats and hospitality (food & drink). The club also appear to be making the space into a near-east soccer bar operating on non-FMFC matchdays for EPL and other watch parties.

“Whether it be a World Cup watch party, a community meeting or access to our Forward Club members on match day, this space will be utilized year-round.”

– FMFC COO and Owner Conor Caloia

From the club’s press release: Built in the section of the stadium that was constructed in 1935, the Forward Club will feature a blend of historical Breese Stevens Field architecture with modern fixtures and technology. A state-of-the-art sound system will accompany large-screen TV’s throughout the space, creating the perfect atmosphere to watch a soccer match in. Additionally, a full-length bar made of repurposed bricks from 1935 will be installed in the middle of the space that will offer a full slate of high-quality beverages. The Club will have outward facing glass garage doors that open up to Mifflin Street. These garage doors will allow for airflow and natural light throughout the space.

Right then, we’re off to Minneapolis / St. Paul for the day, if you’ve any recommendations for record stores and plant-based grub please do send them our way. Here’s to a hopeful FMFC win, and a look at the new guys.


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