Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Tuesday, May 28, 2024

SC Paderborn 07 Comes to Town

Forward Madison FC announced today that they will host 2. Bundesliga squad SC Paderborn 07 at Breese Stevens Field for an international friendly on June 15th, 2022 at 7pm CT. Founded in 1907, SC Paderborn is comprised of two rival former amateur clubs (TuS Schloss Neuhaus and FC Paderborn) who merged into TuS Paderborn/Neuhaus in 1985. They would adopt their current identity in 1997 with the name SC Paderborn 07, named after TuS Neuhaus’ founding date, 1907.

Paderborn currently plays in the 2nd tier of German professional football, and sit 9th of 18 in the table. Their stadium, the Benteler-Arena, opened in 2008 and is capable of hosting 15,000 fans at capacity. Paderborn striker Sven Michel is one to watch as the club’s 2nd highest all-time scorer, netting 71 goals in 181 appearances for the club. Notable loanees include Fabrice Hartmann (RB Leipzig) and Jasper van der Werff (RB Salzburg).

“We’re excited to bring a quality opponent in SC Paderborn 07 to Madison for a match-up against our squad,” said Forward Madison FC Chief Operating Officer and Owner Conor Caloia. “Forward Madison is committed to giving our fans access to some of the top clubs around the world, and international friendlies have become unique, annual experiences at Breese Stevens Field.”

If the past Hertha Berlin friendly is any indication, one can likely expect a myriad of German-themed food and promotional offerings for the Wednesday night fixture (my kingdom for a vegan currywurst!), and we’ll likely see some of the younger players, practice squad, and trialists get a run out. These midweek friendlies are a great time, offering a more laid-back festival type feel than the high-intensity league matches at the weekend. I, for one, have already started searching for pink & blue Tyrolean hats (you know, there might be a market for them in Madison with all these German friendlies…)


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