Sunday, July 14, 2024
Sunday, July 14, 2024

Richmond Preview: Must Win

I fucking hate alarm clocks. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m a big fan of punctuality; I just don’t like being told what to do, especially by a shrill-voiced robot. Fortunately with modern technology, we have more creative control and can custom-tailor our morning routine, and (mostly) gone are the days of the red LEDs or flip numerals under dim yellow bulbs. Each morning of the 2021 Irruption Tour the phone alarm rattles off a portion of a song by the incomparable Mark Rebillet, hazy memories of the day before somehow fight their way through newly dead brain cells; faces and names of new friends, dumb inside jokes remembered and repeated under your breath. It’s just enough to motivate you to rouse the sore gray matter to plod headlong into the remainder of the weekend.

This tour is not for the weak of heart. It’s a multi-city whistle-stop tour preaching the good word of lower league soccer, meeting new comrades and 90 minute enemies, drinking/eating/living to excess for 3 days straight. It’s incredibly fun, but it’s a fucking grind. Assembling a crew for this trip goes beyond simply piecing together people who want to go — this isn’t a pleasure cruise, it’s travel.

Being on the road together is a refining fire for defining your true friends, compatriots, and family. Often cramped, crusty, sweaty, and smelly, it’s a gauntlet which you have no choice but to run, especially when surrounded by strong, creative personalities. The FMFC front office folks on this trip care, not only about their living — the way they pay their bills — they give a shit about how this club is represented, depicted, and its overall reputation. They are true stewards.

  • Alyssa (Merch Manager) is from Madison, a La Follette High School and UW Milwaukee grad, she worked for the World Champion Milwaukee Basketball Bucks before FMFC, and talks at length about how much it matters to fans that they can connect with a sporting organization via their wardrobe. She understands merch is about far more than revenue, it’s a way for fans to show and feel their club pride anywhere they go. Look good, feel good.
  • Evan is, well, Evan. FIFA connoisseur, digital media soothsayer, a veritable Kuba-Jason hybrid, able to thread a recreational vehicle through the eye of a needle if the moment calls for it. Evan may not have the tenure of his predecessors, but he’s on his way and up for any challenges. He also has a killer flick around goal on a futsal pitch.
  • Jovan AKA Jonathan Vaughn AKA Jovanathan is the OG of this trip. Fueled by cashews and oranges. Last tour we joked as Jovan was carving our minibus at speed through the Appalachians, we joked about if we met our demise as the bus rocketed off the mountainous interstate highway, we’d get a 30 for 30 but it would be animated like the one Ben Marra made about Elvis playing racquetball.
  • Noah. Footballer. Marketing grad. Drone operator. Storyteller. Burning his daylight for his club and the elusive perfect sunset, vista, or the elaborate autumn-colored mountain switchback. This young man is a suave modern Shadowrun rigger minus the dystopian future.

Thursday night, beat to shit after a solid day on the road in the Irruption Minnie Winnie, I watched the A&E Biography on famed pro wrestler (and one of my childhood villains), Shawn Michaels. I couldn’t help but think of Connor Tobin at points during the film, primarily the pieces about working the regional wrestling circuits. Grinding for years to do what he loved, working to make the industry better, and later in his career investing the years of experience back into the next guard. Lower league stories like his don’t get told often enough.

Kickers Preview

Just win. Must win. I mentioned in my recap of the Revs game that Sport Club Stats had the Flamingos at a 3.7% chance of making the playoffs after that game, and a 25.9% chance if we win tonight. We have to win. The guys need to step up in a massive way. That’s really all there is to say about it. So with that, I will take my leave to get on with this matchday. If you’re in Richmond at City Stadium tonight, come say hi. Here’s hoping for three points ?.


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