Sunday, July 14, 2024
Sunday, July 14, 2024

Revs 2 Preview

Make no bones about it, today’s match vs Revs 2 is a big one. Ryan Sierakowski returns to Foxborough to take on his former-ish teammates (he’s on loan) to hopefully pull one over on what will likely be a very strong side. It’s quite probable we’ll see some first team players and reserves get a run out with the 2 team (which is essentially their U23s), due to the senior Revs team playing on Wednesday and not again until October 16. Having recently put league-leading Red Wolves to the sword in Chattanooga, and with senior management’s eyes on them, they’ll be looking to impress.

The FMFC defense will have their work cut out for them with youngster Damian Rivera, who’s scored in his past 2 matches for Revs 2 and recently came on as a sub for the Revs senior team vs FC Cincinnati. Billed as an attacking midfielder, he plays as a striker for Revs 2 and has no qualms about running at defenders. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Eric Leonard deployed as a CB or even as a defensive midfielder to break up those dribbles and cut Rivera out of the game.

For the Flamingos, I hope we see more of that Allen / Keegan / Sierakowski / Gebhard interplay up front, which has been so lively and fun to watch over the past couple of games. I don’t think I can overstate how much as fans we want to see more exciting football out of this team. They’re capable, it’s just a matter of having it click. The anxious play we’ve seen lately seems more a product of not wanting to make mistakes, but realistically is that a way to play, or even to live your life? It’s time to take risks, and even throw caution to the wind at times. I don’t want to speak for all FMFC fans but I’d wager many of them would rather lose 4-3 than draw 1-1. We’re going to support them anyway, so I hope they just start going for it.

Footballers have to balance their style of play, skill, and cleverness with what the manager wants and is telling them, what their teammates need. But at some point it’s gotta be about instinct and trusting their training and wanting to be just a little bit selfish to take the chances that fall your way. Something tells me Carl won’t care if the tactics are perfect if we’re scoring goals and winning games, especially at this point in the season where every single point matters. A win at Gillette would be a huge boost toward the playoffs.

If you’re in Madison today and can make it out for the watch party at Robinia Courtyard, I’ll be there so stop by and say hello. If it’s your first time, there’s a pint on me with your name on it. Hopefully see you there, and here’s to 3 points.

Up the fucking ‘gos.


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